Event Rentals

Non-profit events, social, philanthropy events, lectures and much more

Looking for a space to hold your next event?  Give us a call or email us to see if our venue fits your needs.  Part of Old Brick's mission is to to serve the community as a gathering place.

Security Deposit • $350

Required to hold your date. Refundable after final inspections assuming in compliance with rental agreement terms


Ballroom Rental •

$300 for 4 Hours (Mon-Th)

($75 each additional hour)


$400 for 4 hours (Fri-Sat)

($100 each additional hour)


• Some events require a full day rental $700-$1000•


Lower Level Common Room Rental • $30/hour

Library, Common Room with small kitchenette, &

additional restrooms.  $300 for full day rental





Non-profit and

U of IA Student Groups welcome!  

Check in with Director to see

what paperwork you will need.

Open to many types of food related events. Minimum 4-hour rental required. 

Give us a call or shoot us an email

for pricing and more information!

events@oldbrick.org • 319-351-2626